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Wills and Probate

Failure to plan your affairs in the form of a will can have a devastating effect on your family and loved ones.

Everyone should make a will and it is particularly important if you have children or own property.

Even if you have no close family, it is no reason not to make a will as should you die without a will and in the event of no next of kin being traced your estate would go to the Crown.

The team at Burd Ward make preparation of a will a quick and straightforward process regardless of your circumstances giving you and your loved ones peace of mind now and in the future.


We understand that the loss of a loved one is an emotional and sometimes stressful time. As a general rule, if someone dies with more than £5,000 worth of assets in their sole name, a Grant of Probate is required. This is applied for by the executors named in the Will. If no Will has been made then Administrators are appointed and an application for a Grant of Letters of Administration is made.

We offer a full Probate service and can assist executors / administrators in dealing with all aspects of the administration of someone’s estate.