Shoe Be Doo is back for 2018. This year we hope to make the campaign bigger and better than ever. In previous years, Shoe be Doo has been a huge success and thanks to the children and parents of The Prep hundreds of families on the Wirral have benefited from receiving the school shoes and other items of uniform.

Many families across Wirral are struggling to provide some of life’s every day essentials for their families. Expensive items such as school uniform and shoes can be particularly hard to budget for in families surviving on a low income.

The Shoe Be Doo Campaign is aimed to help those families, living locally to you, who are struggling. At this time of year when schools are due to finish and lots of families will be
discarding unwanted school shoes or other items of uniform which their children have either out grown or no longer need. The idea is that any unwanted items can be handed over and with the help of Burd Ward Solicitors those items will be distributed amongst the local community to those families who are most in need.

With the continued support of Mr Fitzherbert all of the children at The Prep are encouraged to bring in to school any unwanted suitable school shoes or other items of shoes clothing or uniform (without school labels on them) on the last day of term. This can include coats or any other items of uniform or clothing that are in good order and suitable to be worn by another child.

Please could these items be brought in to school on the last day of term which is Friday 6th July 2018. Mr Fitzherbert has agreed that the children will be allowed to wear alternative footwear for school on that day to enable them to donate their old school shoes. Any items of uniform should be unwanted items as the children will be required to wear the rest of their school uniform as usual on that day. Where possible please could any pairs of shoes be attached together either with any form of elastic band or any other method to keep the shoes paired together for ease of distribution later.

Burd Ward Solicitors will arrange for the shoes and uniform items to be collected from The Prep and ensure that they are re-distributed to those local families across the Wirral who are in need. Thank you to everyone at The Prep and all of the pupils and the parents for making your donations. Your generosity makes a big difference to families across the Wirral each year.