Volkswagen (VW) Emissions Update

We can advise that this issue has now been highlighted again but by the Transport select committee members who have recently accused Minister Robert Goodwill of attempting to protect reputation of VW in light of emissions scandal

Consumer groups and MPs have criticised the government’s response to the VW scandal, as a minister refused to state if the vehicle manufacturer had done anything illegal and whether British drivers should be compensated.

The British Transport Minister has confirmed that Volkswagen have not begun fixing the 1.2 million vehicles affected in Britain despite them alleging that some software modifications had begun. He further advised that VW will have to have the “fix” approved by the Government before they do it.

However, in the US Volkswagen has agreed to offer “substantial compensation” and car buy-back deals as part of a settlement of the diesel emissions scandal to US owners.

The US government have struck a deal with the automaker for them to buy back some of the nearly 600,000 affected diesel cars, they have also reportedly agreed to spend just over $1bn to compensate owners. Details of exactly how much car owners would be offered in compensation were not disclosed, but owners were assured that it would be a “substantial” amount.

This news will not be of any consolation to affected vehicle owners in the UK however, Volkswagen have so far maintained that they do not plan on offering UK owners any compensation of any type. The reasoning being that the fix to VW cars in the UK will have no impact on performance or economy, whereas in the US, the cars need the fix in order to legally pass the more stringent emissions standards applied to all new cars.

As it currently stands all firms of Solicitors who have taken on these claims are waiting for the 1st round of fixes to take place so that it can be established whether or not they will work or if further fixes will be needed.

We, therefore, will be waiting before taking any action, as advised by Legal Counsel.

We would advise you to continue with any loan payments on the vehicles. If you wish to sell the vehicle then you will do so at your own risk but we ask that you please keep the invoice / sales receipt so that we can still make any claim for you once things progress.

Whilst it is not ideal that VW have no taken any action to move things along, we equally must wait for the 1st round of modifications to take place before we know what the real cost of any claim will be.

We will keep you informed.

In the meantime, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Posted on May 4th, 2016 by Burd Ward