Volkswagen confirms compensation will be paid!

Volkswagen have stated that only a small group of employees was responsible for cheating U.S. diesel emissions tests and there was no indication board members were involved. Chairman Hans Dieter Poetsch said investigations into the affair were going well, but the scandal was the result of a “chain of errors” and it would still take months to say which individuals were to blame. Analysts have said VW could have to pay out tens of billions of euros to cover regulatory fines, lawsuits and vehicle refits.

VW’s Matthias Muller has advised AutoExpress that it wont just be US vehicle owners who will be receiving compensation from VW, stating “Our customers are our focus and we take care of all our customers…We’re working on an effective package for all our customers.” Muller also confirmed the VW will be compensating customers for a drop in resale value as a result of the scandal. VW has also confirmed that if there are any tax implications as a result of the remidal work to vehicles, it will undertake to make any back payments.

The Guardian Reported that “The company will start to repair cars fitted with a defeat device next month. The recall of vehicles with 2-litre engines will begin in January, with 1.2-litre vehicles in the second quarter of 2016 and 1.6-litre vehicles in the third quarter. Vehicles with 1.6-litre engines will require a new flow transformer device, part of the air intake system, to be fitted alongside new software”

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Posted on December 11th, 2015 by Burd Ward