Liability and Car Hire Dispute

Today we sent our client a cheque for £5,600.00 after settling a claim for Personal Injury where liability was in dispute despite CCTV footage of the accident clearly showing the Defendant to be at fault.

The Defendant and his insurers (Direct Line) continued to dispute liability and wanted our client to accept 50% responsibility for the accident. Without legal representation our client said she may have felt pressured into accepting 50% responsibility just to end the matter.

But with our support and reassurance, she instructed us to issue Court Proceedings which resulted in the Defendants Solicitors accepting our offer to settle the claim and they took 100% responsibility.

The Law Society has been running a campaign for over 12 months now highlighting the importance of people using Solicitors.

Statistically Claimants receive on average 50% lower compensation when dealing with insurers direct. Claims can be not only under settled but settled too early, leaving Claimants with ongoing injuries and no recourse against the insurers in the future.

Don’t sign your compensation away with an insurer – get legal advice #goodhonestlaw #injurylawyerBW

Posted on September 24th, 2015 by Burd Ward