Jenna Ellison, Head of Family at Burd Ward has book published

Jenna Ellison, Head of Family Law at Burd Ward Solicitors has had a text book published. The text book is aimed at CILEX students, but is available for all to purchase.

Working in Family Practice begins by introducing some key family law themes and then discusses the important issue of funding of family law proceedings. The course book then goes on to review the law relating to marriage and civil partnerships. The law and procedure for divorce and dissolution of a civil
partnership is then explained and the differences with judicial separation are outlined. The rights of cohabitants when relationship ends are also reviewed. Next, the book discusses Private Law Children, focussing on the application of the Children Act 1989 to the resolution of disputes between parents. Public Law Children is explained and the role of the state in child protection cases is described. Finally, the course book reviews the law relating to domestic abuse, including the requirements of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021.

This course book is suitable for paralegals and junior staff working in family practice teams, as well as for junior legal staff working in child protection teams in local authorities.

Jenna has been working with CILEX in varying roles over the last year. The Journey to creating this book started over five years ago. Jenna began teaching Level 3 Family Law and Level 6 Family Practice with The Law Academy, based in Liverpool. “I really enjoying teaching, I am really passionate about family law and teaching allows me to pass on this passion with the lawyers of the future”.

Jenna then got involved with CILEX directly with the apprenticeship program. Jenna has assisted in the development of what the role of an apprenticeship would involve, what they generally be involved with assisting a family team. In addition, creating example portfolios so that training providers are assisted with the standards expected.

This role lead to involvement with other programs. Jenna was then commissioned to assist with the syllabus drafting
and exam writing. This naturally led onto Jenna being commissioned to edit the text book that sat along this program. “It has been a real honor to write this text book, I was once told everyone has a book inside them, little did I know, mine would be a family law text book”.

About Jenna Ellison

Jenna Ellison, a solicitor and head of our family law department re-joined Burd Ward Solicitors in 2022 having initially trained with us back in 2015.

A lecturer and author, Jenna brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge from her previous experience working in a city firm to the Family department. Jenna has previously represented both males and females who have been victims of domestic violence and has supported them obtaining orders to protect not only their own safety, but that of their children and home.

Jenna is also very experienced in dealing with Private law proceedings where there is a dispute between the parents regarding where the children should live and when they should spend time with the non resident parent. Jenna’s experience representing children have allowed her to assist both parents come to a child focused arrangement. Jenna has also had experience acting for both Fathers and Mothers when children have not been returned and offers an approach that is timely and professional.

For assistance in all aspects of of family law please contact Jenna Ellison on 0151 639 8273 or by emailing her directly at

Posted on March 7th, 2024 by Burd Ward