Don’t get evicted get FREE advice!

Eviction Notice

Burd Ward Solicitor’s housing law specialist Paula Suckley reassures families who are in danger of losing their homes…

If you have received letters from your mortgage company or landlord threatening to take you to court or even received papers from the court then you MUST seek legal advice.

The under occupation charge, otherwise known as the bedroom tax, has seen possession cases rocket in recent months.

Many people are frightened that appointing a solicitor to act on their behalf could be hugely costly if they are not eligible for public funding.

Help is at hand

Don’t worry unnecessarily we understand that financial problems can happen to the best of us; that is why the FREE Duty Solicitor service at Birkenhead County Court is such a key lifeline for many households. This service is available to all, regardless of income or individual circumstances.

If you have received papers from the court and are worried about attending then please rest assured that this scheme has been helping local people keep hold of their homes for many years. So make sure you turn up and get the vital help that you need.

We would highly recommend that you attend court where we, as Duty Solicitors will be able to offer you the FREE, expert legal advice and representation which will increase the chance of you keeping the roof above your head your home.

Here at Burd Ward Solicitors we have recently been awarded the contract for the Duty Solicitors Scheme and will be in attendance in court to assist you every step of the way. We are also happy to offer you some initial friendly, reliable advice prior to your hearing. Contact today

Posted on January 14th, 2014 by Burd Ward