Domestic violence to become a criminal offence?

Laura Prysor-Jones David Cameron is considering making domestic violence a specific criminal offence and has acknowledged the justice system needs to be more sympathetic towards victims. This comes at the same time as the Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper criticised police for letting perpetrators of domestic violence off too lightly by using Community Resolution which was never intended to be used in domestic violence situations.

It is pleasing that the Government seems to finally be realising the impact of domestic violence and the need for it to be dealt with firmly by the police. Whilst the police should be contacted if you are suffering as a result of an ex partner, it is important to consider other options that may be available to you. At Burd Ward our family team are specialists in this area and are able to offer you confidential advice and support to help you deal with violence and harassment and protect yourself and your family. Our family practitioners will be able to explain your legal options to you and represent you in Court if you require the protection of a Court Order. If you have suffered recent physical violence it may be possible to go to Court the same day as your appointment to obtain an injunction to protect you from future violence. We will be able to advise you accordingly depending on the circumstances of your situation. We are able to offer legal aid to cover advice and representation in domestic violence proceedings also.

It is important that you do not suffer in silence if you are experiencing harassment or threats from an ex partner.

Burd Ward offers a 24 hour domestic violence hotline where you can receive confidential and sensitive advice on 07531 689 780 or for further information please contact Burd Ward Solicitors on 0151 639 8273 and ask for Laura Prysor-Jones or email on

Posted on August 1st, 2014 by Burd Ward