Choosing a Solicitor is vital in multiple or serious injury claims

The Daily Mail Online reported this week that Paul Vallance has received £4 million in compensation after a head-on car crash that left him too angry to work.

Paul did not seek legal advice from the outset and it was only when Paul’s mum sought legal advice that the true extent of his injuries became apparent.

From the report it would seem that Paul Vallance had an undiagnosed “serious” brain injury. Despite 19 days in Hospital and classic signs of brain injury, such as amnesia confusion and losing the ability to speak, together with aggression, loss of self-control and inappropriate behaviour. No-one is suggesting any fault by the Hospital who treated Paul and I assume that his injury was diagnosed as “a mild injury” because Paul, like many others nowadays, dealt with the insurers direct, initially. It would seem to me that the insurers misdiagnosed Paul injuries, whether this was due to the inexperience of the file handler or a “rush” to settle the claim for the least amount of compensation.

I have seen this happen before and it is happening more often.

Only experienced Solicitors can ensure that the treatment and rehabilitation that is provided is in the best interests of the client. The insurance companies are just that – companies! They all have profits to make and paying out for serious injuries impacts on those profit margins, as does providing a victim with adequate care and rehabilitation.

I only worry how many other people there are out there that accepted the help and compensation from the insurers, when the true extent of their injuries were not fully investigated.

My recommendation – get in touch with a Solicitor every time you are involved in an accident, just in case!

Written by Mrs Alisha Butler-Ward Catastrophic Injury Solicitor

Posted on November 5th, 2014 by Burd Ward