Are Holiday Sickness claims a real thing?

Having fallen ill on Holiday 2 years ago for one week of a two week holiday, I found that it ruined my holiday as I couldn’t eat and could barely hold down water. I received various medications from the Hotel Doctor at a cost of over £120. When I came home I was still ill and it lasted for several months but I never thought to make a claim as I just thought it was “one of those things”. However, since my experience I have been reading various stories in the press about hundreds of people getting ill on Holiday and I thought to myself if no one complains about it then how do we expect the Hotel and or tour operators to know that it happening and therefore do something about it? Yes we can just complain, but why shouldn’t we get some of our money back for the holiday that was ruined, that we have saved and saved to afford!

With the summer Holiday season coming to end and Holiday sickness claims rising I thought I would advise people of what Holiday Sickness is all about.

Some people can suffer severe food poisoning resulting in long lasting stomach problems. Some only suffer a few days to a few weeks.

So who can claim? Well if you have been on Holiday (in the UK or abroad) and you have suffered from Holiday sickness then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did you eat or drink only in the Hotel? If you ate outside the Hotel then it may be difficult to prove it was the food in the Hotel that caused the illness, unless it was only after you became ill.
  2. What food in particular do you believe caused the illness, and on what date and were was it served?
  3. Did you eat food that looked like it had not been cooked properly?
  4. Did you see food left uncovered? For example in outside eating areas in the heat? If so what was the average heat on that day(s)?
  5. Were antibacterial hand gels provided in the food areas?
  6. Do you know of any other guests getting ill?
  7. Did you see insects, birds and/or animals around the food service areas?
  8. Did anyone else in your group become ill?

If you have suffered Sickness whilst on Holiday and you informed your Rep / Hotel and sought treatment then you may be able to claim.

Call Alisha Butler-Ward at Burd Ward Solicitors on 0800 0190 324

Volkswagen (VW) Update

The European Commission will meet with various consumer groups and national protection agencies this month to look at the question of compensation for European consumers affected by the VW emissions scandal.

VW has so far rejected claims for compensation, but has said that it is regular dialogue with Brussels. However, there is growing pressure to offer compensation as the number of European owners who have set up claims increases.

There is currently a case ongoing in Mayo, Ireland which many firms will be waiting to see the outcome of before starting costly Court Proceedings on other cases.

Currently the European Commission is assessing whether VW breached two EU consumer laws, the Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive and the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive both of which prohibit companies from making false statements over products.

We will keep you updated but in the meantime, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to call.

Burd Ward welcomes Jenna Ellison to the Family Law Team

Jenna Ellison, Family Law Solicitor

Burd Ward are pleased to welcome Jenna Ellison to our expanding Family Law team. Jenna finished her Training contract to qualify as a Solicitor at the end of June 2016. Jenna graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2012 obtaining a law degree and a post graduate diploma in Legal Practice.

Jenna joins Burd Ward from The National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) who are a UK charity providing socio-legal services offering information, advice, advocacy and legal representation to children, young people and vulnerable adults. During her time at NYAS Jenna worked within the Legal Department and represented many children in both public and private law proceedings. Jenna has also assisted children making their own applications for contact with their siblings and provided assistance to children who are subject to care plans and special guardianship orders. Further to this Jenna has assisted young parents at pre proceedings meetings and assisted other young parents finding mother and baby units across England and Wales in order for them to be able to remain as a family unit. During her time as NYAS Jenna also worked as a Contact Facilitator within the contact centre and worked with families offerings supervised and supported sessions for children with non-resident parents, siblings and grandparents.

Jenna brings this wealth of experience and knowledge to the Family department and during the last year whilst she has completed her training at Burd Ward she has been able to represent both males and females who have been victims of domestic violence and has supported them obtaining orders to protect not only their own safety, but that of their children and home. Jenna works closely with the Family Safety Unit and the Refuges to be able to deal with these issues sensitively and effectively.

Jenna is also experienced in dealing with Private law proceedings where residence and contact have been an issue for parents, Jenna’s experience representing children have allowed her to assist both parents come to a child focused arrangement. Jenna has also had experience acting for both Fathers and Mothers when children have not been returned and offers an approach that is timely and professional.

Since joining Burd Ward Jenna has also gained an understanding of other family law matters such as divorce, wills and Lasting Power of Attorneys. Jenna has also worked alongside the Housing department and can assist clients on possession and eviction proceedings.

Jenna is a member of the committee in the Women Lawyers Division Merseyside and is also school Governor at the Emslie Morgan Academy

Jenna is also currently working with local Charity Brightside and offers a legal drop in Clinic for anyone requiring legal assistance with any family matter. Contact Jenna directly on 0151 639 8273 or at