As economic hardships continue to grip the country many families across Wirral are struggling to provide some of life’s everyday essentials for their families.

Expensive items such as school uniform and shoes can prove particularly hard to budget for families surviving on a low income.

The Shoe-Be-Doo Campaign is designed to encourage families from across the Peninsular to think before they discard unwanted school shoes or other useful items once their children have either grown out or no longer need the items.

The brainchild of a local County Court Judge, the campaign is supported by the Wirral based Burd Ward Solicitors and is designed to raise awareness and encourage action to help families in need – whatever their circumstances.

What Can I Do?

We will be encouraging schools across Wirral to carry their very own Shoe-Be-Doo Campaign Collection Box where parents can leave good quality unwanted shoes to pass on to families in need.

As long as the items are in good order and are suitable for school use, the team at Burd Ward Solicitors will then make sure the items are passed on to the right people. Burd Ward help families in need across the Wirral and will be distributing the shoes to those in need via various outreaches.

With the support of Mr FitzHerbert all of the children at the Prep are encouraged to bring with them any suitable shoes for the collection on the last day of term on Wednesday 2nd July 2014. The children will be allowed on that day to wear alternative footwear for school to allow them to donate their old school shoes.

It’s as Easy as A, B, C!

  1. Leave your unwanted shoes in the designated collection box
  2. Make sure they are clean and in good order
  3. Burd Ward will do the rest

We believe that these small actions will make a BIG difference to families across Wirral.

Thank you