Taking the stress out of housing issues with good honest law

Housing Issues for Tenants

Keeping the Roof Over Your Head
The prospect of potentially losing your home is one of the most stressful circumstances anyone can face. Whatever your situation, our team of housing law specialists can help guide you through the process and offer vital support and advice on a range of housing property litigation matters.

Services for Tenants


If you have been made homeless, a member of our team will be able to put together your application to be housed by your local authority. Our housing specialists can assist you in this matter regardless which stage of the process you have reached.


If you are living in a property that is not being properly maintained by the landlord, our housing team may be able to assist you. It is important that landlords meet their responsibilities and we regularly help tenants bring cases against negligent property owners, including local councils.


If you are facing eviction or have been evicted from your home, there may be remedies available to you that you are unaware of. We have an experienced team of lawyers who specialise in these cases.

Illegal Eviction

If your landlord has illegally evicted you, there are steps we can take to ensure you are allowed back into your property and are compensated.

Succession for tenants

If you are renting a property and you are concerned about what might happen to the people who live with you if you die, we can offer advice and information on what rights of succession you have.

Neighbourhood problems

If your neighbours or your landlord are causing problems with noise, litter, antisocial behaviour or harassment, we can offer you advice on how to handle the situation.


Getting into debt is one of the main causes of housing problems. We can offer advice on how to avoid debt in order to preserve your property.

Advice for Home Owners

Our repossession specialists recognise that the threat of home repossession can prove to be one of the most stressful and distressing times a family or individual can face and unfortunately we are currently seeing a high number of home repossessions in the current economic climate.

It is important to seek expert repossession advice at the earliest possible opportunity so if you are a homeowner in mortgage arrears, are struggling to make mortgage payments or have any other debts secured on your home do not hesitate to contact us as it may not be too late to save you from being force to leave your home.

Areas of specialism

  • Mortgage payment arrears
  • Mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI)
  • Mis-sold loans and insurance
  • Court papers for repossession cases
  • Credit ratings
  • Changes in financial situation

Repossession is a legal process which enables a lender to take possession of property due to unpaid debts once a Court order has been issued. In a bid to avoid the prospect of repossession you should attempt to keep 3 months worth of salary in a savings account, if you find you are struggling to make payments make sure that you contact your lender at the earliest opportunity.

If you are taken to Court or receive Court papers you should contact our specialist repossession solicitors at the earliest opportunity as it maybe possible to save your home. During a Court hearing a Judge will assess the prospects of you repaying your mortgage and will also want to see you paying a regular monthly amount from your arrears.

Protecting your home with Good Honest Law

If you are facing the threat of home repossession or eviction contact our specialist solicitors for advice and assistance tailored to your personal circumstances.

Our team comprises solicitors with experience in a wide variety of housing disputes. Don’t carry the worry alone – we are here to help.